Meet our Champions 4 Change!

Shaheen Inayat

Shaheen is a loving mother, grandmother and has always had a special place in her heart for lonely, sick, and homeless people. She came to Canada in 1998 and worked towards her degree as a Registered Nurse. She has worked for 13 years in Brampton Civic Hospital and 4 years in Versa Care Nursing Home.

Now, she is retired and enjoys reading, cooking, writing, knitting, traveling and playing with her grandchildren.

Her goals as a Champion 4 Change for our Together With Seniors 2 project is to further engage her community, particularly seniors. She organizes events that enrich their lives and allow them to build memories with their grandchildren and young adult children. She hosted a “Paint Party” on June 24; it was a time to share stories, recipes, and enjoy conversations.

Shaheen says, “I am looking forward to using my education, training, and skill set to touch more lives.”

Maureen Laporte

Maureen always had a fascination for photography. Growing up, her older brothers inspired her with their experimentation in trick photography, with a Box camera. She was fascinated and never looked back. Her first camera was a Baby Brownie and in 1984 Maureen bought her first SLR camera and took a few lessons in photography.

Maureen continued to teach herself various photographic and video editing software and creating slideshows and DVDs with background music. She used her skills not only for her enjoyment but for her family, volunteer and community work. One such group has been the Canorient Association that she joined around 2001, served as Secretary on the committee for 2 years.

She has a huge collection and this year was selected to showcase her digital skills towards building community at a launch of 50 years anniversary. Being a retired Human Resources Professional, she has also continued to volunteer in different organizations such as St. Vincent de Paul Society, as Treasurer for 10 years.

Maureen’s gentle and kind personality shows how she is a woman of substance who continues to want to engage and support her family, other seniors and community groups today. Maureen is humbled and happy to be one of the Champion’s 4 Change for the Together With Seniors season 2; a project by Red Shawl women’s community organization. She is eagerly coaching and supporting other seniors to be digitally engaged by creating profiles and participate in today’s digital world.

Thank you, Maureen, for being an inspiration and sharing your story.

Elizabeth Goveas

My name is Liz and I have my own catering known as “Beth’s Cuisine”. My husband (Late) Allan Goveas and myself were always involved in volunteering such as organizing Church Parish Bazaars and helping those in need before we came to Canada. By the Grace of God and with the support of my family, I got my strength to engage with my new parish and community again here in Canada so to serve where I can. I enjoy giving and participating.

Cooking has become my passion over the years as my mom too was an excellent cook. I started experimenting with my skills and talent in cooking and catering. Through the Together with Seniors Project, I am happy to learn and to share my skills with other seniors. I was also happy to meet other seniors and women who are experienced. It gave me courage to learn and share my story and experience too, so together we can contribute to bettering the lives in our communities.

I was happy to cater for approximately 100 Seniors at the Annual Canorient Picnic in August this year. Red Shawl hosted a table with my food and I am humbled that my catering was enjoyed by many. I am looking forward to participating with other Senior Champions so that together we can continue to share our skills. This is a good opportunity for me to avail through Red Shawl.

I would like to express my appreciation to all, deepest gratitude to Eva, it would not have been possible without her support and nurturing. Thank You.

Mageswari Kanagasundram

Meet Mageswari, a lovely 71-year-old who has always loved two things: traveling and cooking. Growing up in Sri Lanka she couldn't follow her travel dreams due to the unrest of war. However, in 1991, a turning point arrived when Mageswari relocated to Canada, marking the beginning of a new chapter filled with adventures that would define her life.

Now, Mageswari has been to more than 35 countries. When she travels, she doesn't just sightsee—she learns about each country's special foods. And guess what? She loves sharing what she learns! Mageswari is like a cooking teacher, showing others how to make yummy dishes from around the world. But her favorite audience? Her grandkids! She spends most of her time in the kitchen, making all sorts of tasty treats for them.

Mageswari is not just an amazing cook; she's also a kind and gentle person. Her life is a mix of exciting journeys and delicious recipes, making every day an adventure!