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Red Shawl banks on working in synergy for lasting impact and cherishes continued support from the community for years to come

In 2013, Global Health Professional and Social Entrepreneur, Zari Gill, founded Red Shawl Women’s Community Organization in Mississauga with the belief that when a woman’s life is improved, families are improved and communities become strong and resilient. A shawl denotes the passing on of a mantle and the extending of resource from one to the other. It symbolizes our approach for women reaching-out to one another for advancement in life. The colour, red denotes, strength, warmth and living a wholesome life.

Red Shawl aims to support women as they strive to improve their income possibilities, because a woman with a steady stream of income, even if small, is able to save cash, provide improved education for her children, have better households and still have expendable funds.

Red Shawl offers programs for women and young girls to improve their skills, education and leadership for workplace, families and communities. With better skills, education and leadership qualities women gain better economic prospects which is a huge step towards bridging the gender gap and achieving gender parity. It is also a key step towards higher participation of women in the labour force and higher economic growth in Canada.





Role of Faith



Through our Christian faith we believe every person is created in God’s image and His love and grace is available to all.

We are called to be a witness to God’s unconditional love when serving the most vulnerable women.

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