Together With Seniors

Project Impact: Seniors make their days count through an active and engaged lifestyle

May 14, 2019 to May 13, 2020
Project Overview

The project was designed in-line with one of our respondents:
“I do not want to count my days, I want my days to count”
The aims is to encourage seniors to play a key role in volunteering, participating and leading inter-generational community-based activities

Target Group

Stay-at-home seniors from various ethnic communities.
Newcomer senior women. The main focus will be on low-income seniors, stay-at-home senior women.
Seniors from ethno-cultural groups Accompanying Non-senior who will be involved in each activity track.

Program Activities

Four tracks of activities. Each track lead by a Champions 4 Change.


Memory Box creation
Small container gardening with Native Plant selections
Paint Party
Self- Styling and Grooming for seniors

Who Can Apply?

First come first served basis:
Each activity will be for 25 seniors and 25 accompanying non-senior

“I do not want to count my days, I want my days to count”

Senior's Virtual Coffee Morning

An exhibition to showcase paintings and other products made by seniors
Presentation of project results
Final report presentation