Past Programs

Together with Seniors

Red Shawl - Together With Seniors

Project purpose: Seniors make their days count through an active and engaged lifestyle.

Target group: Stay-at-home seniors, newcomer senior women, seniors from entho-cultural groups

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Alter and Earn

Red Shawl - Alter and Earn training program

Project purpose: an 11-week course that provides developing skills in clothing alteration.

Target group: women with low income or insufficient working hours, immigrant women

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Research Project

Red Shawl - Research project funded by the Status of Women Canada

Project purpose: funded by the Status of Women Canada, we participated in the study entitled ‘A Gender Based Analysis of Income Security and Economic Prospects of Newcomers in Peel Region’

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EDUTAINMENT is geared towards education and entertainment combined into one session to increase the level of interest and involvement.

Project purpose: provide an opportunity for stay-at-home moms to learn about various careers and programs they can pursue.

Target group: stay-at-home moms, young women in high school and college.

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Peshawar Project

Red Shawl - Peshawar Project

Project purpose: A 5-year campaign designed to help the terrorist bomb victims of Peshawar to improve their lives.

Target group: 30 impacted children and their families.

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Various Charitable Events

Red Shawl - Past Charitable Involvement

Project purpose: various projects supporting women and families in need.

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Clothing Drive Program

Red Shawl - Clothing drives are and an ongoing effort by Red Shawl and we collect clothes through out the year.

Project purpose: We collect, pack, ship, and donate ethnic Shalwar Kameez suits/saris/shawls etc. to the less fortunate in Pakistan.

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Why Women Need Help?


Women and girls comprise just over half of Canada's population


Women on average make lower income than men


1 out of every 5 female employees earns less than $10 per hour


Most poor women are working, but cannot earn enough to lift themselves out of poverty.


4 out of 10 Canadian adults are deemed to have low literacy skills.