About Us

Redshawl.org Canada
Engaging Women To Make A Difference.

Red Shawl; is a volunteer driven and managed women’s community organization aspiring to improve communities; woman by woman Our logo depicts a woman casting her mantle/shawl on to another; sharing resources, courage, growth and progress

Vision Statement

Women living wholesome and fulfilled lives

Mission Statement

Red Shawl is a women’s community organization whose mission is to inspire and equip women to build better lives.

Our Clients

SHE is a woman of courage and strength who seeks economic and social opportunities for personal growth.
SHE is a new immigrant ready for next level of economic stability.
SHE is denied access to resources, networks and know-how to improve her livelihood.
SHE aspires to nurture her children and families for positive change in her community.

Our Objectives

To Relieve Poverty by:
Advancing EDUCATION on topics related to women’s issues
Developing women’s SKILLS for enhanced income
Providing BASIC NECESSITIES to women in need

Role of Faith

Faith is at the heart of everything we do
Through our Christian faith we believe every person is created in God’s image and His love and grace is available to all humankind.
We are called to be a witness to God’s unconditional love and serve the most vulnerable women.

Our Values

Christian witness
Approachable and Available
Continuous growth and development
Reach-out and Speak-up
Partner for collective action and maximum impact

Our Commitments

Inform, inspire and connect women for personal action and advancement in life, workplace and communities.
Establish simplified and easily accessible processes for underserved women
Develop sustainable community-based approaches to enhance women’s economic stability

Our Maxim

Just Turn up.


  • Annual Luncheon
  • International Women’s Day (articles, presentations, op-eds)
  • Social Media messages
  • Workshops
    • Small business development and entrepreneurship
    • Marketing
    • Finance
    • Banking
    • Mentorship
    • Youth Forum: Leading Yourself for Change; prospective and recent university graduates)
  • Collaboration with Educational Institutions (Wilfred Laurier University, Sheridan, UTM)
  • Research Project – with Wilfred Laurier; Closing the Gap for Recent Immigrant Women in Peel


  • Alter & Earn; clothing alteration training (2x per year)
  • Seniors Workshops
    • Painting
    • Self care
    • Gardening
    • Memory Box creation
    • Jewellery Making courses
  • Drive &Thrive; helping newcomer women to become responsible and safe drivers (future plan)
Through each of these workshops our women are gaining soft skills of confidence, networking, social skills and potential to start income generation

Basic Necessities

  • Annual Clothing drives; donated to drop-in centers for the homeless
  • Baby specific drives for unplanned pregnancy support centers
  • Newcomer families – household items & furniture
  • Monetary Donations – Crisis response

Our Target groups

  • Newcomers in Peel < 2 years
  • Women with 2+ years in Canada:
    • Senior women
    • Single-mothers

Red Shawl is a women’s community organization whose mission is to inspire and equip women to build better communities

About Us

In 2013, Global Health Professional and Social Entrepreneur, Zari Gill, founded Red Shawl Women’s Community Organization in Mississauga with the belief that when a woman’s life is improved, families are improved and communities become strong and resilient. A shawl denotes the passing on of a mantle and the extending of resource from one to the other. It symbolizes our approach for women reaching-out to one another for advancement in life. The colour, red denotes, strength, warmth and living a wholesome life.

Red Shawl aims to support women as they strive to improve their income possibilities, because a woman with a steady stream of income, even if small, is able to save cash, provide improved education for her children, have better households and still have expendable funds.

Red Shawl offers programs for women and young girls to improve their skills, education and leadership for workplace, families and communities. With better skills, education and leadership qualities women gain better economic prospects which is a huge step towards bridging the gender gap and achieving gender parity. It is also a key step towards higher participation of women in the labour force and higher economic growth in Canada.

Red Shawl banks on working in synergy for lasting impact and cherishes continued support from the community for years to come.

Meet our Board of Directors

Azmat Hanuk

Director, Planning and Events

I am a banker for the last 23 years, worked in adjudication, investments and currently working as a business advisor.

My desire to serve is growing deeper every day. I am so grateful to God for a platform of like minded people who share the same passion to reach out and serve for a good cause. I believe life is short and we can make it better with God on our side. "With God, all things are possible." -Matthew 19:26


Eva Pakyam

Director, Strategic Planning and Public Relations.

Over 35 years of international leadership experience in women and community economic development work in Pakistan, and then (since 1991 in Canada) through the YWCA Toronto, most recently retiring after 20 years as manager for multiple employment and training programs. I was also blessed to be able to contribute at different leadership volunteer opportunities through the Maytree Foundation and National Immigrant Women's Organization.


Shahnaz Samuel


I am a licensed architect with Ontario Association of Architects and run a private consulting firm, I am also a professor at Sheridan college, at Faculty of Science and Applied Technology where I teach Architectural Technology courses.

I live by the words, “All things are possible to one who believes!” Mark 9:23.


Merab Nathaniel Alam

Director, Communications

I’ve worked in the investment management and consulting fields for 13 years. I am in transition and looking for that opportunity and challenge that will contribute the most to the organization of my choice.

My personal philosophy is:
To live with love, hope and courage
To face adversity with compassion and humility
To collect the pieces after a fall, learn from the experience and move on
To let go, there's a time and place for everything
To seek good and focus on the positives
To be part of a solution rather than being on the other side of the equation
To be and to become ME!


Zari Gill


I am a Global Health Professional and a Social Entrepreneur, with over 25 years of experience of working with organization like World Vision International. I am ready to bring my learning to improving lives of women.

His grace abounds in me so that I have all sufficiency in all things. I believe I am enabled only to be an enabler.


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